I don't know what to say but it's really a strange thing because i see that sexuality and love are not related to each other, and loving a person doesn't mean to do sex, sexuality is disgusting to think about it, a lot of fluids arghhhhhhhhh, to show love you have to kiss and hug a person who you love, don't think about having babies, because it's another story and marriage itself, is a religion thing no need to marry to express your feeling just be close to each other :) Thank you

You’re welcome. (?!)


What kind of camera do you take your lovely photos with lady?

Canon rebel xsi or canon rebel xti!


I've never tried an open relationship. I feel like jealousy would be a problem for me. Is it ever an issue for either of you?

frankly, yes. there are some people out there who just don’t have an issue with jealousy… i’m not one of those people.  it’s incredibly frustrating sometimes!

but whitnee and i both see jealousy as just another one of the rather unfortunate shades of human emotion, right up there with anger, greed, laziness, etc. i think you have to give jealousy power for it to really harm you, and you can’t give it that power if you fully trust your partner and recognize where your jealousy is coming from. sometimes jealousy can be warranted, it’s just important to watch how you let your jealousy manifest itself. 

but, again, i realize it’s difficult to find someone you can fully trust. open relationships aren’t for everyone, but i do think that it’s something worth talking about/potentially exploring more in the public sphere. 

in short: yeah, jealousy sucks. a lot. but it’s something you can learn to control, just like you can learn how to control anything about yourself if you want to enough. 


whats some of your fave presents you have ever given to each other

i really can’t say which is my favorite, because everything whitnee does for me is incredibly thoughtful, but she recently just outdid herself.

she made me a care package with my favorite candies in it, handcut paper hearts all around, two cute letters, three mixed ‘tapes’ (CD’s, really), a video of her explaining all the cutesie stuff in it, and pictures from every important place between us in austin. 

and even having listed all these things i’m sure i’m missing something huge! there was so much (love) in it. <3

as far as presents i’ve given her, probs that little baby martin guitar. she was pretty into it (;